Plaque HD

Highlighting plaque for effective home care

July 30, 2016

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For decades, dental professionals have been educating patients about the importance of plaque removal. Home care is difficult for patients with crowding, orthodontics, and limited dexterity, as well as, of course, for young patients. Chewable tablets and mouth rinses that stain plaque can be successful in identifying the plaque that has been missed from quick brushing; however, disclosing is not implemented on a daily basis. The new Plaque HD Professional Plaque-Identifying Toothpaste with Targetol Technology helps patients identify and remove all traces of plaque at home on a daily basis.~~1

Targetol Technology contains disclosing agents to color and identity the plaque present on the enamel surface.~~1 The technology enables patients to identify the areas that are being missed when brushing, therefore leading to more effective brushing. Also, offering fluoride, the toothpaste meets needs of high-risk patients while offering a solution aid in achieving effective home care.

Daily use of PlaqueHD is recommended and easily achieved with the two-step process.~~1 The patient administers a pea size amount of paste on their toothbrush and brushes normally. Once the patient expectorates the extra paste, they evaluate their brushing using a mirror. The areas that are green highlight the plaque; the patient then brushes the green plaque away without adding any additional paste. Simply rinsing post additional brushing will allow the patient to have a plaque-free mouth!

Plaque HD comes in a mess-free standing bottle in two flavors—Fresh Mint and Berry Bubble Gum.~~1 Based on personal usage, the product does not seem to compromise the color of the sink as other rinses and pastes can. Finally, a technology to keep children motivated and moms happy! Plaque HD is available through Amazon and can be ordered directly at