Hydrabrush, the 30-second electric toothbrush

Product review

August 20, 2016

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Despite our patients buying a recommended product, they may not use it properly for the optimum results. Limited dexterity and improper brushing techniques will continue increase the risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Dental professionals focus on eliminating risks of poor home care with products and education. However, not all high-risk circumstances can be modified. Unwavering factors such as extreme dry mouth, illness, and assisted living can win the battle against the dental professional’s recommendations. Hydrabrush recognizes the challenge facing the oral health professional and has created a 30-second solution to proper homecare.

Hydrabrush Clinically, studies have shown that only 34% of the population using an electric toothbrush use it for the full two minutes.~~1 The average brushing time with a manual toothbrush was 37 seconds.~~1Hydrabrush recognizes the patient’s need for short, effective brushing and created the 30 Second Smile toothbrush.

With two toothbrush heads—one aimed at the maxilla and the other at the mandible—both arches can be brushed at the same time. The movement of the bristles in a back-and-forth motion allow for proper plaque removal with limited effort.

When determining which patients will benefit most from the toothbrush, think of the high-risk patients such as those with special needs, limited dexterity, and geriatrics, as well as orally defensive patients. Proper brushing can be achieved in 30 seconds, which means decreased pathogenic biofilm! Hy


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