A safe place for preserving dental continuing education hours

April 5, 2016

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Holding multiple licenses in numerous states can be very difficult to manage. Most clinicians have experienced a moment of panic when they are unable to locate their certificate from a conference they attended earlier in the year. When we are unable to present the confirmation of CE credits to the states where we hold our licensure, our careers are on the line. The two creators of CEZoom have created an app to eliminate the hassle of tracking continuing education courses.

CEZoom stores completed CE courses, while tracking the progress and requirements to obtain relicensure, aiding in compliance.~~1 In addition, the automated tool allows states to regulate the dental professionals, which aids in the safety of the community. CEZoom is also a valuable resource to CE presenters as it allows for scheduled attendees to receive certificates directly through the online platform.~~1 Organization of receipts and expenses incurred while working towards license renewal can be tracked through CEZoom’s expense reports.~~1

Searching for specific CE topics through multiple conferences is complicated. CEZoom allows courses to be searched by conference, or individually, and added to the clinician’s history.~~1 Once the attendee has completed the CE course, they will receive a code to validate the course.~~1 The detailed course information is stored under the patient’s personal account, which allows the clinician to have access to any resources the presenter shared during the course.~~1

For clinicians who hold licenses in multiple states, this program is an essential resource. CEZoom allows clinicians to have a comprehensive review of individual state requirements and scope of practice to ensure they are in compliance with state law.~~1

Sign up today for the free fully automated state specific compliance and auditing tool, CE tracker, and certificate manager at https://www.cezoom.com.


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