Providing motivational programs with extreme enthusiasm, Amber empowers dental professionals to elevate their career. Top courses include but are not limited to:
Public Health
Progessive Periodontal Protocols
Clinical Innovation
Case Compliance
Appreciation in the Workplace


Amber has published articles in multiple industry leading publications including RDH Magazine, DenistryIQ, and DeW-Life.
Clinical Technology Contributor

Monthly Columnist for PennWell
Content Manager for RDH: Graduate Newsletter

Innovation Implementation

Passionate about providing solutions to enhance the patient experience, increase office productivity, and optimize the “flow” of the office, Amber creates customized systems to allow you and your team to thrive.
Technology Optimization
Business Development
Consumer Insight
Policy and Procedure Manuals
Perio Protocols

Articles & Videos

UOR 2019 Cranberry Gloves

August 1, 2019

Amber Auger RDH MPH interview Cranberry on their latest glove line.

Considerations for treating Periodontal Disease

Properly educating the patient on how the bacteria adheres to the tooth will increase the urgency for frequent and proper home care.

May 1, 2019

When it comes to treating periodontal disease, it is important to access the patient’s entire medical history, social habits, daily home care habits, and understand what pathogens are present. Properly educating the patient on how the bacteria adheres to the tooth will increase the urgency for frequent and proper home care.

#AskAmberRDH Unboxing Zirc

April 22, 2019

If you’re looking for a superior solution for hands-free suction, try the Pink Petal from Zirc.This beautifully simple tool is a hygienist’s secret to working faster and more effectively while keeping patients comfortable. https://www.zirc.com/products/isolation/pink-petal-50-pack

Dove Dental Products

Infection for suction

April 4, 2019

RDH Endeavor Media. Watch to learn how to stop backflow from evacuation valves, eliminate leaking valves, alleviate reprocessing, and reduce cross contamination risks. http://dovedentalproducts.com#sponsored

Technology Integration Consultant

The culture of dentistry is changing, patients are more transient than ever, and "Dr. Google" has changed the way patients make their buying decisions. Without the proper tools, practice owners can feel defeated.

I offer transition solutions for Millennial business owners who have purchased an existing practice,  as well as those launching their own business. I enable your business to thrive by coaching multi-generational teams to work in harmony.

Preferred topics include, but are not limited to: HR Policy Manuals, Perio Protocols including chairside microscope education, Customer Service, and Enhanced Treatment Presentation Skills


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Public Health Initiatives

Amber is passionate about providing preventive services abroad. Services ranging from oral hygiene instruction, prophylaxis, fluoride treatments, sealants, nutritional counseling, and radiographs are provided to communities. Choosing organizations complaint with the CDC standards of sterilization and long term stability in the community is essential to protect the clinicians and patients. For more information on upcoming trips sign up for the newsletter below.

  • Bucharest, Romania

  • Masai Mara, Kenya

  • Santiago, Dominican Republic

  • Managua, Nicaragua

  • Mission of Mercy, USA

"I've been a practicing dental hygienist for 49 years,  been to hundreds of lectures and yet, today's lecture was one of my favorites. Yes, the subject matter was one of great interest to me,  but it was Amber herself, that touched me. Her smile was infectious,  her knowledge of the subject matter was great, but it was her personality that made me hang on to her every word.  She spoke about being  genuine to your patients, to let them know that you really care......that's how she made me feel, unlike other speakers I've heard. Thank you  Amber, wished it could have been a longer presentation. "

Fran Visalli,  RDH

Kathy RDH

Amber exceeded our entire teams expectations with her on site clinical coaching. With Amber's help we were able to increase our hygiene department production by over 45% in 12 months. Most importantly, we have elevated our patient care and we are proud to add new patients to our practice each week.

Dr. M

Amber inspired me to think outside the box, take massive action to achieve my career goals, and supported me along the way. Working with Amber has allowed me to expand my roles for traditional RDH to a Public Health Dental Hygienist.

Karen K RDH, Texas